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I don’t care if people laugh at this…

I have written it simply because I am tired, and at the end of the day Love is simple. If you love something you stay up all night crying and trying to figure out ways to end the suffering of those whom you love.

So simply …


Current State of the Planet and Animal Affairs:

Humans have imposed their socio-economic system on all of Earth’s species.
Humans will not pay for animals unless they can profit from them.
Humans are using all the resources, and animals are denied fair access to these Resources.
Humans have and are continuing to destroy animals’ habitat.
Humans are torturing and killing animals for fun, eating them, wearing them, breeding them (mostly all of these activities are done causing physical and emotional pain to the animals and ultimately loss of Life.

Even animals in so-called Reserves are not really free and still remain at risk of death – whether by legal hunting and culling, or illegal poaching.
Currently animals are living painful, trapped lives under the Human system.

If humans could see this one simple fact, everything would change –


Humans did not create Earth or the animals. We have enslaved them under our socio-economic system.

Animals need to have their right to life, habitat and resources legally recognised. They need to have a percentage of seats in each government, and on the United Nations.

If animals are to survive under humanity’s occupation of Earth, and their socio-economic system… then animals need to earn money.

This will enable them to pay for their own protection, vet care, fences, water systems, bridges over highways etc.

Human extractive industries need to pay taxes to animals. It’s only fair. Humans are using these resources, denying access to the animals’ and thus the animals are due compensation.
Humans can pay this compensation into a fund to be administered by a human team of legal advisers, ecologists, communicators etc.

Parts of open land need to be converted into sanctuaries for animals that are currently enslaved in the human socio-economic system (zoos, circuses, farms, laboratories) to be retired to. Land ownership to be transferred to the animals’ Fund.
Wilderness that is still left needs to be placed under immediate protection from ANY human development – or maybe low density tourism development at the edges – of course the Animals’ Fund will own this land, and manage these businesses on behalf of the animals – again – this will enable the animals to pay their own costs.
Humans must stop developing pristine nature, and start rehabilitating inner cities, and ruins etc. Clean up their mess and start building in harmony with nature – clean energy etc.

To kick off proceedings, compensation should be paid to animals for past land grabs and trauma.

Breeding of animals for commercial purposes needs to stop. When the animals have enough land, natural processes will ensue. Corridors should be created for animals to move in between reserves and sanctuaries – for their freedom, and a healthy gene pool. Hunting of animals for any reason should immediately be banned. Animals in hunting camps should be retired to sanctuaries (paid for by the Animals’ Fund).

It’s only FAIR – if we are imposing our socio-economic system on all the other species of Earth, then their rights under this system must be legally recognised and enforceable.

Otherwise Humanity is a Dictator – a Brutal Tyrant occupying Earth (which spells Heart).

We have taken everything from the animals – the simple pleasures of the elephant herds wandering from the bush to the lake system… a fence stops them… birds are born to soar but we’ve caged them… apes are behind bars faraway in BLOODy China… and lions are bred for the bullet… waiting to die.

Isn’t it time we stopped our bullshit and started living with Compassion and Integrity?


People keep saying for the animals to stay they must pay their way. But actually what they really mean is for the animals to stay they must earn some human somewhere some profit.

And this is just for the dubious honour of being allowed to stay alive in some miserable conditions until it is time for them to be eaten or tortured and skinned alive, or made to perform humiliating stupid tricks for some humans to laugh at somewhere.

Well then – let the animals participate in our socio-economic system. Let them participate as beings who deserve respect.

It’s not that they can’t talk – centuries ago we humans used to be so in touch with Nature, her moods, and her animals.

We have been taught to block it out – so that the carnage can continue unchallenged.

And so we have fractured from the Divine Feminine/Earth.

If we see ourselves as part of this beautiful Ecosystem, we would acknowledge the animals’ right to life and resources without question.

Christine Jordaan



About msomiafrica

Author, photographer and conservationist who sincerely prefers interacting with animals rather than people.
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