They Moved Us ……


I have no idea who Mark O’Leary is, but he wrote this on one of the many news sites announcing today’s loss to the entertainment industry.

He wrote this with an empathy and skill that far exceeds anything I could have come up with.

I shamelessly stole it and hope he doesn’t mind ……..

David Bowie is gone.

Goodbye, sir.

He did not cure cancer, or solve global warming, or simplify our world with an amazing invention.

Neither did Michael Hutchence, Lemmy Kilmister, Natalie Cole, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Lou Reed, Joey Ramone et al. Some will ask why all the outpouring of emotions. After all, they were merely musicians, weren’t they?

Yes, they were.

So if that’s the case, then what DID they do?

Why do we care that David Bowie and so many others have passed away?

Three words: THEY MOVED US!

That’s exactly what they did.

Their music and artistry moved us.

They reached our emotions in so many different ways. They called us to action. They touched raw nerves. They touched our soul. They let us rebel. They found our angst. Our anger. Our passions. Our frustrations. And our hopes and fears. They made us want to dance. They made us cry. They made us pump our fists into the air. They made us want to chill. They made us sing. Their music allowed us to shut out the rest of the world, even if it was only for the duration of one song, or an album. We sat back, closed our eyes, and let the music wash over us. They put our emotions into words. It seemed as if their lyrics were written just for us — as if someone finally knew how we felt. These artists stimulated our imagination and touched our hearts. They made us feel like we could be king and you could be queen.

Like we could be heroes … for just one day.

But it all goes back to those three simple words: They moved us.

That’s why they were, and still are, important.

So with a tip of my hat to the Thin White Duke, I say ‘thank you’ for the music.

Rest in peace Ziggy Stardust.

(Mark O’Leary)



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