Working in the Wild


The recent blog, “Leopard Attack”, has been read by over 60,000 people, some of whom took the time and trouble to leave a comment.
To all, readers and commenters alike, I thank you.
Inevitably, some of the comments were driven by emotion rather than objectivity, leading to some heated discussions and the rather disturbing trait of some people to resort to insults in the face of dominant argument.
It became quite evident that a fairly high number of negative comments were due to a lack of knowledge of the workings of game reserves and conservancies.
The fact that a very large number of people do all in their power to help animals is highly commendable, and deserving of my total respect for the work they do to relieve animal suffering.
But animals in wildlife reserves cannot be viewed as being similar to those in zoos or domestic environments. They run free and wild, forage or hunt for their own food and experience very little in the way of human intervention.
If an animal is in distress from natural causes, it will be left to let nature take its course. It sounds harsh, but is the natural way of the wild.
If, however, the animal is injured due to human activity, the authorities will do everything in their power to help the animal in question.
So … this is where I get to be totally self-promotional. (And I’m sure there will be comments about THAT!)
I have spent most of my adult life being involved in wildlife photography, assisting with ethological research and ultimately acquiring a game lodge, Nokuthula, which I ran for many happy and deeply fulfilling years.
This was a lifestyle that few people ever get to experience. Living in the African bush in the company of amazing wildlife living in the same space was so special that I really wanted to share.
Consequently, two books have been written about the life we led, the experiences we shared and the orphans we raised and rehabilitated. A third book is nearing completion.
If you want to expand your knowledge about what a bush-life is like, give my books a read. To be blatantly immodest, you won’t be disappointed.


Game rangers are the unsung heroes of the bush. They go about their work quietly, efficiently, and with no expectation of publicity, and they are all in need of support.
30% of all my book proceeds are allocated to the purchase and distribution of all manner of equipment needed by these dedicated men and women: boot-laces, socks, boots, clothing, all-weather jackets, gps units and so on.
If you truly care for the welfare of animals, please, buy a book or two. Not only will you have something tangible to show for your donation, you’ll be entertained and will feel that you have done something really worthwhile both for the staff who look after them, and the magnificent animals they care so deeply about.


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About msomiafrica

Author, photographer and conservationist who sincerely prefers interacting with animals rather than people.
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