This piece was written by a friend of mine. I have shamelessly stolen it to put on my blog as it says so much in such a short commentary.

(Yes I do have permission to put this here. Thanks, Don)


In light of the Kathmandu disaster…..

Oh puny man how poor your plan.

Floods, earthquakes, heat waves, bushfires, hurricanes, typhoons, Aids, Cholera, Swine flu etc..etc.. These are all weapons that Nature uses to balance the score. Make no mistake; Nature is the most powerful LIFE FORCE in the Universe. The ONLY life force in fact. And if we, puny human animals that we are, think we can go up against her we are sorely mistaken. Nature will never let any one species proliferate excessively or step too far out of line. The human being has done both. But Nature has powerful ways of restoring the balance, and by seriously wounding the planet we are now facing the worst of her wrath. I don’t want to sound like a Doomsday Prophet, but it’s as simple as that. The evidence is overwhelming. And if we continue on this path of technological excess driven by greed, driven by hedonism, it will be at our own peril.
Or maybe it’s already too late.
The problem is we consider ourselves too clever to be bound by the laws of Nature. But to Nature, we are just another bug. A destructive, incorrigible bug that needs to be slapped into place. But a bug none-the-less.
And the slapping has begun.
I think the main problem lies in our modern day value system. Too many people gaze more lovingly at a Mercedes Benz than a mountain in the mist. More lovingly at an expensive swimming pool than a tree lined lake. Many are far more stimulated by a walk through a shopping mall than a forest, and consider most animals to be dirty or dangerous. Plants are to be cut back, cut out or cut down.
If they cannot be exploited in the relentless race to create faster, bigger and better technology.
But we must understand that every living organism on this planet deserves the same respect that we accord ourselves. Whether it is a single cell entity or a more complex one. If it lives it LIVES. And has EXACTLY the same right to life that we do. We are NOT ALONE.
So for one moment, switch off your TV, put down your video game, stop your car and look out the window. Every voiceless animal out there, every green leaf, every grain of sand and every molecule of oxygen is vitally precious to the planet – and to YOU.
And right now many of these wonderful things are either crying or dying.
It could be your fault.
Please my friends; wake up before it’s too late.


About msomiafrica

Author, photographer and conservationist who sincerely prefers interacting with animals rather than people.
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  1. Lynne Marais says:

    Well said! Read and shared!

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