Amazon and Authors

This is a short blog.
I am a bit peed off with Amazon.
There is no doubt, Amazon is the big dog when it comes to online book sales and an indie author has no option but to be listed on the giant’s site.
There are other sales outlets, most notably Smashwords that sells directly from its website but also offers distribution to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Diesel and others, but their requirements are much more stringent and time-consuming. But I WILL be going to them!

When it comes to the royalty-split, Smashwords’ deal is often better than Amazon’s. But, apparently, Amazon moves more books.

I hate dealing with Amazon. They are set up, it seems, to make life difficult for non-US authors.

Anyone not in the US, purchasing one of my works, gets slapped with a $2.00 surcharge. For no reason, other than Amazon does so.

This means. for instance that a 4.99c story gets charged at 6.99, pushing the price up by quite a margin.
That would gall less if, on the off-chance the work sold at that price, I got 30% royalty of the total sales price but that is not so. I get 30% of 4.99c!
And then, for reasons known only to Amazon and the USA government, I have to pay 30% tax on my royalty amount. Doesn’t leave much, does it?

All that work, sitting in front of the computer, writing, editing, deleting, writing some more, fine-tuning, polishing ……

It is possible a reader may chance across my work while searching on Amazon but, the reality is, most of my Amazon sales are the result of my own marketing and promotion efforts.
And after doing all that hard work to get a prospective customer there, what does Amazon do? It suggests the reader may enjoy the work of other authors!

It’s little wonder over 90% of authors earn less than $1000 per year!

So it’s little wonder that I put all my efforts into marketing and selling the hard-copy version. So if you’re thinking of purchasing Msomi and Me, please give consideration to buying the “real” book. Details are on my Facebook page.



About msomiafrica

Author, photographer and conservationist who sincerely prefers interacting with animals rather than people.
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